Continued from other site at this link - Previous Page:  Pictures taken from Children's books designed for 2nd through 3rd grade in libraries in Arkansas and other States.  See previous page for more details. We apologize for the necessity of  posting but it is the only way people will understand the nature of  these books.

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From It's Perfectly Normal p.  56

          “the female’s vagina becomes moist and slippery, her clitoris becomes hard”

         “male’s penis becomes erect, stiff and hard”

         “it is now possible for the males erect penis to go inside the female’s vagina”

         “as the male and female move back and forth in rhythm, the movement of the penis inside the vagina soon feels very good.”

From “it’s perfectly normal”



“Most often, they have sexual intercourse because it feels good"    From It's So Amazing



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